WASTE SIDE STORY: Transfer of second-hand equipment ...

... and first-class know-how in the area of waste management from Austria to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Objective: Comprehensive rollout of a glass waste collection program for a community of 300,000 people   Timeframe:...[leggi]

Austria: Landfill Mining…

Entire separation and  removal of a dump  operated 1920 – 1985. more...[leggi]

Pakistan: MSW Treatment with „Plasma-Technology“ ?

...not a large project, but one all the more exciting as it deals with questions and issues that often arise in international consulting – and remarkably often for projects in emerging and developing countries. At such...[leggi]

Bishkek: Design of a Low-Tech MBT

...with front-end sorting facility (700 t/d) for the capital of Kyrgyzstan (population ca. 1 million). Extensive Solid Waste Audit and development of an SWM Master Plan (main contractor: CEMI Budapest/EBRD) [leggi]

ISWA: "The 10 Commandments of Waste Fee Making"...

...workshops, supported by ISWA (ISWA grant 2011), conducted 2011 in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Eko-Dep, Bijeljina) and Lithuania (Vilnius, Lithuanian MoE). In cooperation with TB Hauer, Austria. The project report in a nutshell:...[leggi]

Pakistan: Improvement of basic urban infrastructure in North Sindh

Location: Sukkur (Pakistan) 4/2010 – summer 2012. Client: NSUSC North Sindh Urban Services Corporation. ADB Asian Development Bank supports a 10-year, $400 million program to improve basic urban infrastructure in some of...[leggi]

Tiroler Abfallwirtschaft, Grundlagen zur „Phase 3 – Verbrennungsanlage in Tirol“

im Auftrag des Amtes der Tiroler Landesregierung, Abteilung Umweltschutz    >>LINK, Bericht[leggi]

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