Gas analysis on the surface sealing of landfills by FID

Leakage of a landfill surface sealing
can carry risks like
· Explosion hazard
· Damage of the recultivated vegetation
  (because of gas migration even far distant plant population can be effected too)
· Odour nuisance of the surrounding area
· Emission of the potent greenhouse gas methane CH4.

TBU has co-developed a methodology to survey gas emission of large landfill areas quickly (guidance value with a measuring grid of 10 x 10 m: 2 ha / day).
· Measurement device: FID (Flame Ioni­sation ­Detektor)
· Grid measurement with portable device
· Professional team with many years of experience
· Precise localization of the leaking areas (e.g. landfill gas lines) by reduction of the
  measuring grip
· Efficiency control of remediation by periodic measurements